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We can help with proofreading and editing.

We can edit your assignment or document of any type.

We can help if you've written an essay, thesis, journal article, professional doctorate or PhD.

We can help if you're looking for mentoring or tutoring.

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Editing and consulting services

  • We can assist with structure, language, analysis and logic.
  • We can help with written expression, grammar, spelling, reading and comprehension.

  • Good writing always has certain common essential features: clarity of expression and purpose, a logical structure, a focused argument, clear transitions, is reader-centred and has authority and precision in terms of argument and data.
  • Let us help you think and communicate with style.

Meet Dr Kathryn Edgeworth, the CEO behind little big editing

“I know a lot about writing and that’s one of the reasons I started this venture. I’m working on making writing easier, with more accessible, quality feedback for people of all abilities.

My work is about embracing writing and helping people make their work shine. It’s about thinking differently about how words are organised and unpacking the mystery around this.

With my own PhD, I wanted an editor to care about my thesis as if it were their own. I can be trusted to be that someone for you.”

Kathryn Edgeworth is a writer, editor, mentor and speaker, based out of Melbourne and South West Victoria, Australia. She has published internationally on equity and diversity and is on a mission to make an impact. She also runs the company Little Big Editing, mentors higher education students in research, and teaches young people how to be better readers, writers and critical thinkers.

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